About Us

About Us

In this Blog, We will share things related to 2D Art, Blender Tutorials, DC and Arduino Projects, Make Money Online Website Review, Ad Network Review, C# and Unity Tutorials.

We are Curious on Blender, 2D Art, Programming, DC Projects and Blogging, So We started this blog to share all Guidance about these things. Our 2D Game is Under Development, It will Release Soon.

If you had any problems on my website, feel free to contact us at – Contact Us

The Answer is Quite Simple. 

  1. As a Programmer, You get basic Knowledge of Coding espically in C#
  2. As a Developer, You can Learn Unity Engine, Blender and Few Other Softwares.
  3. As a Student or Free Person, You Can Get Enough Details About Make Money Online Sites.
  4. As a Blogger, You can Get Opinions, Reviews of Ad Networks and Adx

We are the Non-Graduate Engineers From India, Currently Being a Engineering Student of Year 1. But we are Well Good and Experienced in Following Things,

  1. Unity Engine
  2. Blender
  3. Blogging
  4. Programming
  5. 3D Art

Our Mission is to Enrich the knowledge of Programmers and Developers.

Also We Share Reviews, Opinions on Make Money Online Sites and Ad Networks.



  • 2 Years of Experience and Also a Freak on Blogging.
  • Proud to be a Solo Indie Game Developer ( Unity Engine ). 



  • Techy and Electronics Enthusiastic
  • 2 Years + Experience in DC, Arduino Projects



  • Addicted to Drawings and Paintings.
  • 3 Years + Experience in 2D and 3D Designs,and Blender.