Google Pixel Buds Pro Review

Google Pixel Buds Pro Review
Google Pixel Buds Pro

In this Google Pixel Buds Pro Review, we’ll cover the features of this Bluetooth earbud, including the lack of extra audio features, sound quality, and controls. If you’re looking for a new pair of Bluetooth headphones, look no further than the Pixel Buds Pro. These headphones are compatible with most recent smartphones and should work with any Bluetooth device


Lack of audio features

The Pixel Buds Pro are wireless Bluetooth headphones, but they lack some of the fancier extras that can make a difference for you while you’re on the go. For example, Google’s headphones don’t have surround sound or head tracking, but they do have some other neat features. Those who use Google’s headphones are likely to appreciate the ANC feature, which drowns out background noise.

The Pixel Buds Pro do have good voice quality, although they aren’t the clearest earbuds available. We noticed some fuzziness and rumbling during video calls, which is frustrating. We also noticed that the headphones blocked TV sound and other sources of ambient noise, limiting the quality of our calls. Google should invest in improving the audio quality of these headphones, but they haven’t yet done so.

Other important features of the Google Pixel Buds Pro include Bluetooth Multipoint and Touch Control. With Multipoint, you can connect them to two devices at the same time. However, you need to make sure you enable the feature in the Pixel Buds app to ensure that both devices are connected.

Pixel Buds Pro are compatible with most Bluetooth-ready devices. These headphones also feature onboard controls. You can increase the volume by pressing the back of the case or by swiping forward. You can also toggle the volume by swiping backward. The only downside of these headphones is that they aren’t compatible with Apple’s iPhone, so if you don’t have an iPhone, you may have to download the Pixel Buds app to your phone.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are very comfortable to wear. One downside is that they don’t have Adaptive Sound, but they still work well. While this feature is still available on Google’s other headphones, you won’t be able to adjust the volume. And they’re a lot less expensive than Apple’s headphones.

Google Pixel Buds Pro do have decent low-end response. Even at top volume, they don’t distort. The earbuds are spacious and big enough to make your music sound full. You can also manually adjust the EQ to hear bass and highs better.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Google Pixel Buds Pro is impressive. They reproduce subtle details without distorting, even when listened to at the highest volume. There’s a wide frequency range and great separation, and the bass is more pronounced than on previous Pixel Bud models. However, if you’re a bass freak, this pair may not be for you.

Despite the good sound quality, the Google Pixel Buds Pro have some shortcomings. For example, they don’t have “spatial vents,” which allow natural ambient sound to pass through. This means that they’re not as clear during video calls. Additionally, they’re not very good at blocking out TV and constant rumbling. This could be improved by feeding voice back through the earbuds.

While the sound quality of the Google Pixel Buds Pro is similar to that of the original Pixel Buds, the new models feature deeper bass and an improved soundstage. The Pixel Buds Pro are also better at resolving complex music tracks. The soundstage of these earbuds is more expansive than that of the AirPods Pro, and it’s much better than their predecessors.

Another issue with the Google Pixel Buds Pro is that there’s no bass boost or sidetone control. However, Google is planning to add these features later this fall. Lastly, the Pixel Buds Pro don’t support LC3 or Bluetooth LE codecs. Those two technologies aren’t essential for great sound quality, but they can enhance the quality of sound for some users.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro feature three microphones and an in-ear detection sensor. There’s also a capacitive touch surface on the earbuds to control the media. The controls are easy to use. Single taps play music, double-taps skip forward, triple-taps skip backward, and long-pressing activates the Google Assistant.

In-ear pressure relief is another feature of the Google Pixel Buds Pro. This feature eliminates the plugged-in sensation that some users experience when wearing earbuds. Google calls this feature “in-ear pressure relief.” This feature works best when the ANC feature is enabled or the headphones are in their default state.


In the Google Pixel Buds Pro app, you can toggle between noise-cancellation settings and active noise-cancellation modes. This can be done by long-pressing either the left or right bud. You can also set the active noise-cancellation mode to off. In addition, you can customize the transparency and talk-to-assistant settings.

The Pixel Buds Pro have an excellent sound and a solid battery life. They are compatible with a wide variety of music apps and are water-resistant and IPX4-certified. They also have three wind-blocking mesh covers to reduce wind noise. In addition, they come with a companion app to help you set your preferences and control the touch controls. You can also use the app to turn on or off the smart volume EQ. You can also toggle audio switches and access the Multipoint toggle in the app.

One of the most significant improvements in the Pixel Buds Pro is the ability to pair with more than one device at a time. With multipoint, you can switch between calls and content without interrupting your music. The hierarchy of media and commands is clearly laid out: music and phone calls come first, followed by video calls and Google Assistant. Audio switching is another new feature, and requires Multipoint.

The touch sensors on the Google Pixel Buds Pro are another feature worth looking for. They allow you to control the volume and playback through Android, iOS, and Windows. These controls are very intuitive and easy to use, and are similar to those of the Surface Earbuds. While they aren’t perfect, the touch sensors are fun to use.

The app is simple to use and houses a wide range of controls for your Google Pixel Buds Pro. You can download and install the app to your device in the Google Play Store. Alternatively, open the earbuds close to your phone and connect the devices. Once you’ve done that, you can adjust the settings. For iOS and Windows devices, however, you’ll need to pair the earbuds manually.

Google Pixel Buds Pro claim 11 hours of battery life per charge. We have 31 pairs of Google Pixel Buds Pro and found that the ANC is disabled by default. The battery life depends on the volume of music you listen to. A five-minute charge will give you an hour of listening time if you’re listening to music with ANC on, while a 15-minute charge will give you three hours of listening time.

Wireless charging case

The wireless charging case for the Google Pixel Buds Pro is a great way to extend the battery life of your wireless headphones. When combined with the Pixel Buds Pro, the case gives your headphones up to 31 hours of listening time. You can also purchase an upgraded charging case to accommodate multiple devices.

The case for the new Pixel Buds Pro is slightly wider and taller than the one for the older versions. However, the overall design is the same. The case has a matte finish and a USB-C port at the bottom for charging. A single button on the back of the case allows you to connect the headphones to your phone when you are not using Fast Pair. The charging case is also the same black and white color that’s on the Buds.

When the Pixel Buds are charging, a light will illuminate to tell you how much battery is left. You can also see the battery level by opening the lid of the case. The green LED means that there is a good charge left, while an amber LED means the battery level is critically low. The battery in the charging case is also displayed on the case’s main screen. When charging, it will take about 1.5 hours to charge a pair of Pixel Buds.

The charging case for Google Pixel Buds Pro features a USB-C port and a wireless Qi charger. It also features a button to pair the buds with your smartphone or to reset them. The charging case also extends the battery life of the Google Pixel Buds Pro by up to 11 hours. However, the battery life decreases if you turn on ANC or use other features.

A wireless charging case for Google Pixel Buds Pro is a great way to keep your headphones charged while you are on the go. The best wireless charging case for Google Pixel Buds Pro will provide a convenient way to charge your buds.

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