Here are the top 16 most ridiculous tattoo blunders ever recorded.


Here are the top 16 most ridiculous tattoo blunders ever recorded.

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buik tattoo

This list makes you think twice before getting a tattoo, because what these people did will haunt them for the rest of their life…

Tattoos are a polarizing topic; you either adore them or detest them. Yet, in recent times, tattoos have become so widespread that nearly half of the global population sports them. What was once considered taboo and potentially harmful to one’s career is now increasingly accepted within society. Despite their growing acceptance and the fact that we no longer judge individuals solely based on their ink, there are moments when we ponder the wisdom behind these permanent markings. Entrusting a tattoo artist with your skin is fraught with uncertainty, and the outcome may not always match your expectations. Some individuals even opt for tattoos that are so shockingly bad, they’re bound to turn heads. The reasons behind such choices are beyond us, and while we feel sympathy for these individuals, we can’t help but find humor in their situations.

The tattoos some people have chosen are so bewildering that we felt compelled to share them with you. Here is a compilation of the 33 most ludicrous tattoo fails that are sure to leave you astonished. These images serve as a cautionary tale, urging you to think carefully before going under the needle, lest you regret your decision as much as the person in picture 27.

jordan logo tattoo

Nice logo man

There are three kinds of people. Most of them would rather hide their insecurities so no one will notice, there are these kinds of people who accept their flaws and are proud of them, and then there is this rare category of people who will just make fun of their insecurities. This guy belongs to the last group of people. With this funny lookalike tattoo of the Jordan logo, he replaced the ball in the logo for the pimple on the back of his head. We have to give it to him, it looks pretty realistic to us. Nice job man! 

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eyes in the back tattoo

Watch out for this guy!

Oh no… That was the first thought that came into our mind when we saw this tattoo. Like, what have you done?! We hope instead of real ink, this is some kind of green and black marker instead, but we assume the worst. This guy’s tattoo is so scary and crazy, for a minute we were lost for words. If you look fast you will probably think a crazy guy is looking at you, but then when you look closer you will realize it’s a tattoo. This guy just shaved his whole head, except for two little bushes of hair that should represent eyebrows and some kind of hairy bush that is supposed to be the mustache. The rest of the head is tattooed like some sort of crazy guy’s face. They even tattooed the wrinkles and all. 

This must have been a joke right? This guy probably lost some sort of bet where he had to do this if he lost. We can not and we will not believe someone would do this voluntarily. Although, there is one small benefit of this tattoo idea. This guy can now forever threaten people that he knows everything because he has eyes in the  back of his head.

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Eminem or M&M?

Okay, we can’t even call this one a tattoo fail because it’s so creative and well done. The person who thought of this idea must have had a creative mind. How else would you come up with this idea of Eminem tattooed as an M&M? The best thing is that he does look like Eminem so everybody will immediately get the joke. We do wonder if this person would still like the tattoo in 10+ years. The joke was funny though but the fact that it’s permanent is a little bit worrying. 

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image 1

Smelly armpit

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you haven’t seen this one yet. We think this girl wanted to deal with smelly comments once and forever and decided to put an onion underneath her armpit. With this (should we call it smart?) move, she could just say the smell comes from the onion and not from her. Not her fault that there’s a giant onion haunting her for the rest of her life… 

buik tattoo 1


NO WAY! What?! Why would you do this? We have so many questions looking at this horrible tattoo. Even though the alien-looking creatures in the belly seem pretty pleased by the looks of their faces, it still gives off horror-movie vibes to us. The bananas just made it even more strange. Are we crazy or do the bananas have paws? Maybe this is some sort of new species of which we haven’t heard before? 

We wonder what the tattoo artist must have thought while getting asked to do a tattoo like this. We don’t know about you but it gives us shivers to look at it. Let’s quickly continue. Hopefully, this one is less scary. 

image 2

Going to the gym is so last year

Why work out if you can just get a six-pack tattooed on your belly instead? So much easier and quicker and you don’t even have to work for it. This guy decided that a nice six-pack was worth some money but little time and effort. This seems to be the perfect solution for that.

We wonder if the girls will notice though… Maybe he just has to search for someone with poor vision so he can throw away the glasses, and look like Channing Tatum from Magic Mike. Going to the gym is so last year anyways. Smart move dude! 

image 3


If the previous one wasn’t really to your taste, you can always take this one. Everyone has a different perception of a six-pack right? Some think of a man’s set of visibly well-developed abdominal muscles while others think of a pack of six cans of beer. This guy belongs to the last group but decided to combine it with the first translation of a six-pack. We don’t know if people will think this is his six-pack but it’s the effort that counts. 

back of the head tattoo

Scary tattoo

If you are starting to get a little bit bald, maybe this is the solution. Although… We do think you will give people a minor heart attack with this back-of-the-head-tattoo. If you decide to get a bigfoot tattoo, we have to admit, we think this is the best spot for it. With the hair surrounding it, it looks so realistic. We wonder how this person will look if he is old and completely bald. Maybe bigfoot will look old as well with the wrinkled skin surrounding it. We have to wait and see. Hopefully, by that time, we will get to see a picture to see the progress.

image 4

All these years were a lie?

Something that should have been sentimental and sweet, turned into something hilarious instead. Some guy’s step dad was going to get a tattoo of his mom when she passed away, but it didn’t turn out quite like they thought it would. Luckily they kept in good humor and the guy decided to make fun of it saying: “I guess I never realized my mom was an Asian man with a 5 o’clock shadow”.

spider tattoo

Scary spider

Wow! For a minute we just had a little heart attack because this one looks so realistic. The tattoo artist even included the faint shadow cast by the legs which makes it look like a real spider. We are sure that this guy pees his pants every single time he looks in the mirror to brush his teeth in the morning. We definitely would! We are convinced he is going to scare a lot of people because from a few feet you couldn’t tell if it’s fake or not. 

image 5


This is one of those tattoos that’s so bad it’s good. If you have used the vulgar slang turtlehead in emergencies, you will get it. If you don’t, look it up because it’s too dirty to explain. The person who came up with this must have peed themselves while getting the tattoo done. The best thing is, when he gets sick of it he can just grow his hair back and no one will notice. Hopefully, he won’t lose his hair and gets bald later in his life because then his backup plan is ruined. 


Unzip me

Oh no… What was this guy thinking? And what was he trying to unzip with this tattoo? We have to say, even though the tattoo idea is pretty bad, the zipper looks pretty realistic and is nicely done. Although we think it would be even funnier if he had put the zipper a little bit more downwards instead. 

image 6

Not again…

In the category of terrible tiger tattoos, we present to you: number two. If the previous tattoo didn’t scare you enough, we have this one to convince you to not get a tiger tattoo. Well, at least not at a tattoo shop from someone who doesn’t know what to do, instead of a professional. Just take a look at this one. We don’t know which one is worse, this one or the previous one. Both tattoos are horribly big and hard to miss. Poor guys…

snake tattoo

Half human, half snake?

Okay, we wouldn’t get our leg tattooed into snakeskin, but we have to say, the artist that did that is freaking good. This looks so realistic it had us staring at it for at least 5 minutes to check if it’s real or not. After checking it a few times and double-checking again, we think it’s just a tattoo but we can’t be sure. Maybe we are also looking at some sort of half-human, half-snake kind of creature. What do you think? 

devil horns tattoo

Dumb and young 

If you ever feel bad about getting a dumb tattoo when you were young, it can always be worse. Putting a quote like ‘Yolo’ or ‘Live, laugh, love’ on your body, is one thing and can be explained, but putting big devil horns on your forehead goes too far. We don’t know what this guy was thinking but we would recommend him to wear a lot of beanies and caps to hide this childhood mistake. Poor guy…

image 7

Mister nipple

This tattoo looks so cute, for a minute we forgot we were looking at someone’s nipple. Because with the Spanish sombrero on top and the smiley face on the nipple itself, you almost don’t see what you’re looking at anymore. Someone must have been proud of his nipple to get a tattoo like this. We do wonder though, why does everyone feel the urge to tattoo around, on, or do whatever with their nipple? Is this some sort of trend which we haven’t heard of before? Should we get a nipple tattoo as well? We are so confused…

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