Top 10 countries to visit in summer, according to people around the world

We have answers for those looking for the perfect summer getaway or wondering if their country is among the best summer destinations! Thousands of people voted online for their favorite country to visit in the summer, and we’ve ranked them here.

10th place: Bahamas

Capital: Nassau
Official languages: English

9th place: Germany

Capital city: Berlin
Official languages: German

8th place: Switzerland

Capital: Bern
Official languages: German, French, Italian, Romanian

7th place: Portugal

Capital: Lisbon
Official languages: Portuguese, Mirandese

6th place: New Zealand

Capital: Wellington
Official languages: English, Māori, NZ Sign Language

5th place: Croatia

Capital city: Zagreb
Official languages: Croatian

4th place: Italy

Capital city: Rome
Official languages: Italian

3rd place: Japan

Capital city: Tokyo
Official languages: Japanese

2nd place: Spain

Capital city: Madrid
Official languages: Spanish

1st place: Greece

Capital city: Athens
Official languages: Greek

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